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Babette de Jongh lives in the backwoods of L.A. (That’s lower Alabama, y’all.) with her extremely tolerant husband, whichever of their grown(ish) kids happen to be home, and dozens of assorted animals. Always an artistic soul with a love of writing and art, Babette has been a ballet teacher, an elementary school teacher, and a yoga teacher. Now, when she's not writing, she's a telepathic animal communicator, counselor, and energy healer. Her debut novel, Angel Falls, won first place in the 2012 Maryland Romance Writer’s Reveal Your Inner Vixen contest for the best love scene, the 2017 New England Reader’s Choice Award, and the 2017 Aspen Gold Readers' Choice Award.



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Angel Falls

The winner of two Readers' Choice awards, Angel Falls is a sassy, sexy, smart, southern romance about what happens when the might've beens of the past collide with the possibilities of the future.

From Kirkus Reviews: "A spunky ballet teacher has to choose between her small-town sweetheart and a suave, Scottish newcomer...De Jongh's debut novel hits all its marks and blends romantic comedy, drama, and suspense...a lovely story about the intersections of love, friendship, duty, and self-care...A thoughtfully written, rewarding read.