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Cynthia VanRooy was born the daughter of a career army officer and married a career naval officer. She has spent most of her life moving every two years. When people ask where she's from, she usually answers, "Where would you like me to be from? I've probably been there!" The variety of state and country residences gives her lots of background locations for her novels.

She writes romance for the happy endings. There is enough misery and despair in the world without putting it on the page. She strives to write books that give the reader a warm fuzzy by the time they have finished reading. Romance is her small effort to bring a higher love vibration to the planet. It's called light reading for a reason!

Cynthia VanRooy is a:
Three-time finalist for the San Diego Book Award;
Finalist, Independent Book Award for Romance;
Finalist, PASIC Book of Your Heart Award; and
Finalist, Chemistry Contest, RWASD



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Cinderella and the Major

Cinderella is Going to the Ball

Harmony McMahon, Mensa member and computer genius, needs an escort for her ten-year-high school reunion. A nerd wallflower in high school, she wants to flaunt her adult financial and professional success. Her problem? She’s still a nerd wallflower.

When wounded warrior, Marine Corps officer, Major Conner Talbot, offers an outing with him in a fundraising auction, Harmony knows he would be the perfect impressive date for her reunion. She can bask in his reflected glory. Conner falls for the real woman hiding behind Harmony’s awkward wallflower exterior. But his ex-wife fell in love with him because he was in the military. Can there be a happily-ever-after with another woman who only sees his uniform?