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I was born in Sheffield England in 1968.

I've always had a belief in normal people doing extraordinary things. Heroes are not born, they discover themselves when the time is right. We are all heroes. That is what I try to express in my writing. The characters in my stories are ordinary people, like you and me, they are put in extraordinary situations. The story unfolds as they discover the inner hero and triumph over their fears, reservations and become the best version of themselves. That is the inner secret in all of us, and yes, it is in you too.

My career has been a reflection of this. I have always pushed myself to try new, challenging, things. I've been a motorcycle courier, electrician, games programmer, Special Constable, Infantry Soldier, Military Intelligence, and currently a truck driver. I took flying lessons in a microlight, and martial arts lessons. I thought I was pushing myself; it turns out that I was preparing myself to write realistic fiction. Using my life experiences to put truth into my stories. Who knew? I can't wait to connect with you. I hope you have as much fun reading my stories as I did writing them.

I am also happily married to my best friend, with four fantastic children.

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