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Mychal Daniels is an emerging author of Paranormal, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Romance. She writes stories with inspiring and likable women of color heroines and strong but sensitive heroes. Right now, she’s off working hard to introduce you to your next Book Boyfriend. 

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Science Fiction

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Dragon's Curvy Invader-Excerpt

Dragon’s Curvy Invader
Mychal Daniels

Earth was supposed to be the best place to lay low. That is until she discovered the Dragon’s Lair Sanctuary.

Dr. Amber Chastain has a problem—her credibility is shot and she’s running out of time and money. Determined to find evidence of extraterrestrial life based on proprietary technology she’s developed; her findings land her smack dab in rural South Georgia.

Without an assistant, money, or access to a local lab, Dr. Amber finds herself making it work in the field.

Noran isn’t the leader of the clan, but he’s not about to let some human female discover the Alien Dragon’s Earth Sanctuary either. Determined to lead the pesky woman away from their lands, he launches nightly shows in flight in hopes of leading her away from their lands.