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I write under two names - J.. A. Menzies and N. J. Lindquist. And yes, technically, they're both my names.

You can also find me at,,,, and


Women's Fiction

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Shaded Light: The Case of the Tactless Trophy Wife

Matchmaking mother Ellen Brodie planned a delightful July weekend with her husband, their son, and the daughter of a distant cousin. But as additional guests arrive, tension builds, and before long, a body is found in the garden.

Homicide detectives Paul Manziuk and his rookie partner Jacquie Ryan are given the case, and it isn’t long before Manziuk feels he’s been thrust into an Agatha Christie novel where everyone has both a motive and an alibi. However, he’s no Hercule Poirot, and Ryan is definitely not Miss Marple.

“Will delight fans who appreciate solid, modern detection.” Publishers Weekly