Rebecca Reddell, more commonly known as Becky, Beckster, Bec, Pippy, Red, “Hey You!” and other “affectionate” terms, is native to Independence, Missouri. She loves her family and friends, dogs and cheese, and random things. Most of all, she loves to read and write. One day she hopes to learn how to really play the piano and guitar. Until then, she hopes you enjoy her ebooks!


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7 Assassins Sneak Peek

The King is dead.
Wren Snow knows who killed her father, but the police don't quite believe her theories as they search for the truth. To prove it, she hires Private Detective Ioan Hunter.

Someone wants her dead.
After the first assassination attempt, Wren knows time is running out to clear her name and catch the killer. Will she be able to convict the culprit in time?


Realm Walk Sneak Peek

Maezy is no sleeping beauty.
She prefers her sword to magic, is more comfortable chopping off limbs than kissing lips, and she can visit people in her sleep. However, life isn't a complete realm walk for a hybrid like Maezy. She has a gift anyone might kill for, and she's trained her whole life to deal with that eventuality.

There should always be a Plan C.
Her father, the Elf King, has sent an army to kidnap her. He wants to use her talent to take over all the realms, but Maezy isn't ready to comply with his wishes. In fact, hoping to stop the onslaught, she's agreed to her mother's plan.

Now, the plan pits sorcerer against warlock, and Maezy's caught in the middle. Brandalfr might be assisting her father to kidnap her, but he's also her only hope to beat the Elf King.


Legend Sneak Peek

Faced with an evil witch and a resurrected dragon, Cassie wishes for the days of cleaning for an annoying stepmother and diabolical stepsiblings. With the loss of those who would assist her, Cassie's only hope is to defeat them before she loses far more than her glass slippers.


Second Kingdom Sneak Peek

Their only chance of survival is to kill the Beast King.
Roz is part of a team who knows how to wield a knife, shoot a gun, and take down a man with their bare hands. Yet, things don't go as planned on their mission, and Roz is left on her own. Face to face with the Beast King, Roz has to make a decision: kill him and set her people free from the curse or let him live. Will she make the right choice?