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Sara O. Thompson’s first attempt at a book was prepared on a Remington typewriter and bore a suspicious resemblance to a famous novel whose title rhymes with ‘Gourd of the Spies.’ Since then, she’s written diaries, advertising copy, and a lot of poetry, and fiction. In her spare time, she performs improv comedy, tells stories on stage, and loves ballroom dancing. Sara lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with her husband (an ICU nurse) and their twin sons.



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Blood Lines

Tessa comes from a long line of Witches. When her aunt returns from a 3-year stint as a lounge singer, babbling about a hex, it’s all hands on deck. During the countercurse ritual, Tessa and her cousins face a horde of animated mannequins straight from hell. Can they save the day armed with a coat rack and some newbie magic?