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Diana Wink is a mountain child from the depths of middle Asia, striving to kidnap her readers into make-believe worlds, blend the borders between past and future, and master her own curiosity. In her spare time, she directs movies and rewatches Christopher Nolan films, empowers creatives to tell stories themselves on and explores theatres, cities and wilderness with her bearded dancer husband. They have their base in Germany, but who knows where they are currently to be found?


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Shanakee's Tale

The past is irreversible, but can we rectify the future?

Conall Hubbert designed an algorithm that predicted the future with deadly certainty. Now, he has to outthink his own machine and find the One who could change the course of time.
As global powers and fanatic movements enter the race, will Conall be able to solve the riddle and chase down the person who can master time itself?

"Shanakee's Tale" is a breathtaking prequel novella to the dystopian PROMETHEUS Trilogy. It will kidnap you into a world of intrigue, anarchy, and myths.