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Ian Cadena started writing when he was a kid. Instead of paying attention in school he wrote out scripts to act out later with his action figures. Later, he discovered Dungeons & Dragons and as a Dungeon Master wrote out his own stories for his fellow players and gave them their own unique backgrounds and history.

He accomplished a degree in Theater and Writing. He is a Reiki Master and enthralled with all things mystic and paranormal. He possesses numerous tarot decks and has had at least one out-of-body experience...maybe two.

When he’s not concocting a new story, he spends his time reading everything from sci-fi, action, and paranormal, to non-fiction as well as giving into demands from Nacho his Chihuahua, and listening to his husband, James, play guitar.

He, James, and Nacho enjoy splitting their time between Austin and marveling at the Milky Way from their property in Big Bend, Texas.



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