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Jack Moscrop is a travel writer, published in magazines like Trail, High, On the Hill, Ski and Board, Geographical, Global Adventure, Mountain Biking UK, and Fall Line.

He grew up in England’s East Anglia walking and cycling his beloved border collie around farm tracks and woods. He left home and moved north to stomp and pedal the hills and mountains of the English Peak and Lake Districts. Gradually ski touring took over his winters. The satisfaction of skinning uphill, akin to hiking, combined with the reward of exciting downhills opened the arenas of the European Alps and the Canadian Rockies. In the summers, he returned to his beloved Scottish, Welsh and English mountains to hike and bike until dream treks called him to Patagonia, New Zealand and China. For the future, who knows, other than he hopes to follow his grandmother’s example—an indomitable Cumbrian who hiked the hills to her last breath…not sure where the love of cycling originated.


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Blue Ice, White Powder

“A compelling read!"
Friendships tested and deadly objectives risked on a BIG mountain.
“Fascinating, scary, and a bit insane...”

4.5 out of 5 Star Avg on!

Stuck in their bunkhouse, summit-fevered Rob proposed risky solutions to scale the highest peak in Western Europe. Pete, duelling with his fortieth birthday, seconded Rob. Exasperated, Jack tried to talk sense into both of them. Then a scary Canadian walked through the door... A true short story.