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I write pulp science fiction adventure with equal parts action and character. I love good space battles, scientific expeditions, close quarters combat, political maneuvers and hard-won friendships.

My current series is The Known Worlds, which chronicles humanity's attempts to climb out of a galactic dark age and regain its former power and glory. Taking place across multiple worlds, it's the story of soldiers, pilots, smugglers, shamen, transformed humanity, family, discovery, rulers and ruled.

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The Hawk of Destiny's Fist

To earn her command. . .

Captain Asarik Karak has been assigned as ShipLord of Serens' Reach, an exploration vessel about to undertake one of the most dangerous missions possible. Before she can take her new command, she must defeat the current ShipLord in single combat and prove herself to the crew.

When life and death are on the line, some traditions only end in combat.