Noah Harris is a 28-year-old bisexual man currently single and living in a small apartment in New York.

Being a natural introvert with significant extrovert tendencies he expresses himself through the world of writing MM books, often with a darker, paranormal twist. His books are written from the heart of his deep, sensitive and mysterious, but playful and creative, wild spirit.

Noah is dedicated to giving something back to the universe, sharing generously in his successes and inspiring and motivating others through his writing and in any other way he can. He believes in living a natural, healthy lifestyle and has embraced meditation as a way of clearing the 'noise' in his head and allowing his dark creativity to shine through in his books.

He is determined to reach out to as many readers, who he considers his 'friends', as he can through his unique personal touch and through building like-minded communities online. It is this personal touch, with his readers, that sets him apart from most other authors today.


Historical Romance
Science Fiction
Women's Fiction

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Animal Magnetism

Lucius was a werewolf that had been excommunicated from his pack because of his different lifestyle and beliefs. As such, he was condemned to walk the streets of various cities alone, hunting people at night. But one night would change his life forever--he would rescue a ten-year-old boy named Jonathan from his abusive parents and a bullet that would have surely ended his life.

Taken aback by the boy's courage to watch as he ate his parents, he became his best friend. This is the story of Jonathan overcoming his PTSD, and Lucius's hand in that. As time passed, romantic feelings developed, as well as Lucius's desire to turn Jonathan into a werewolf in order not to feel lonely anymore.

Will Jonathan want that? Will they overcome their differences and hardships and end up being together?


Omega Wildcat

Seth Splicer has just graduated High-School from his small town in Bellow Falls, Vermont, where he lives a posh lifestyle with his mother and step-father. His life has pushed him into what seems to be a helix of routine and boredom.

To fight the battle of his ordinary life, Seth decides to find himself in the woods surrounding Londonberry, a town that has been the center of many chilling urban legions. He takes his beloved camera with him to document his voyage into manhood. He hopes to understand why he feels the way he does about men, and what seclusion can offer him in terms of understanding his sexuality. However, he gets more than he bargains for when he stumbles across a small lakeside cabin, and who, or what dwells within its cramped pine walls.


Omega Claws

Gavin Cloud has known that this day was coming for a very long time. He has been bred, as an omega to serve an Alpha and today is the day that he finds out his true destiny. He really doesn’t know what’s going to happen, and those alphas in the pack are not exactly friendly towards him. He has no interest in mating with any one of them and finds out that there is a codicil that allows him to choose for himself outside of the pack. It comes with a condition and one that he is going to have to live with. He finds himself in college, acting like one of them when he finally comes across Colin Mcrae. He’s a specimen of man that hides a terrible secret. His life will interact with Gavin and together they will face not only their own hardened hearts but also someone that is hunting them…not to me


Ruthless Passion

A drifter named Duncan is a vampire that doesn’t know how to keep a low profile. His humanity keeps getting in the way. He finds himself helping Derek Strange. Derek is a billionaire with a ruthless streak in business and in his personal life. He meets Duncan after he comes to his rescue against enemies from the Yakuza. One of his enemies knows Duncan and warns him that things are going to turn ugly if he interferes again. Duncan at first promises to stay out of it, but feels drawn to Derek by his animal magnetism. They know that each one is different, but they have no idea how different they really are. Can he teach Derek that there is a better way before the Yakuza comes in force? Is their love doomed from the very beginning and what happens when they find out that they are


The Most Important Game

Jason McCaw is a young adult about to celebrate his 19th birthday. The past 19 years of his life have been mundane, and for the most part, lonely. After his stepfather insists that he joins the basketball team to make friends, Jason is shocked and surprised when he meets the most popular boy in school, Riley Peterson.

After a standoff with a longtime bully, Riley steps up to the plate to defend Jason, and since his brave attempt, Jason has failed to think of anything but Riley. But, what happens when Riley divulges a long kept secret to Jason? Will Jason still feel the same attraction, or will he abandon Riley in his time of need?


Omega's Captive

It's the last month of the American Civil War, and an Omega Union soldier is assigned to guard an Alpha Confederate prisoner and take him to the nearest guardhouse. While on the way, the Alpha tells him of some hidden Confederate gold, theirs for the taking. The Alpha seduces the Omega into searching for the gold and slowly wears down his resistance.... By the time they get to the gold they're partners ;) and the Alpha has gotten his weapons back, and that's good for both of them because they aren't the only ones after the treasure! After shooting their way out of a tight situation and grabbing the gold, the Omega finally loses his last resistance and....


Omega's Closet

Everyone has secrets. For some, it might be a report card that they "forgot" to bring home. For others, it might be an illness with which they don't wish to burden their loved ones. For Tracey Collins, it's his entire existence.

In a world where one's place in society is determined by orientation in a dynamic of Alphas, Betas, and Omegas, masquerading as a Beta is the one security that a closeted-Omega has at his arsenal. With a widowed, athletic legend Alpha for a father -- and the judgement of an entire community nipping at his heels -- the LAST thing Tracey can afford to do is reveal himself to someone like dreamy, all-star soccer captain Aaron Harper.

Caught between his duty to his prestigious father and his forbidden, innermost desires, Tracey is faced with a difficult choice:


Preparing For Temptation

After heartbreak pushes him into leaving the big city, Bryan finds himself in a secluded, New England town, focused solely on starting over and renovating a rundown old house nestled in a quiet neighborhood. Soon, he finds out, things aren’t as quiet as they seem.

His neighbors, two handsome men, the O’Connor twins, tell him the missing pets and the night noises are nothing but coyotes coming in from the hills. But as spring turns to summer and Bryan strikes up a whirlwind romance with one of the twins, Kevin O’Connor, he finds that the animal control issue is much more deeply rooted in the town, and much more sinister than he could ever imagine.

Is it animals? Is it people? What is it keeping Bryan up at night?

Soon, he finds himself confronted with the O’Connor twins.


Omega's Chosen

For social creatures like werewolves, Jack Barnett is about as antisocial as they come. A lone wolf, he alone runs a small campground operation up in the woods, a business passed down from generation to generation. It’s become famous over the years as a place where a wolf can go and safely spend a night under the stars without fear of persecution. Ethan Smith is someone looking for just that, and he walks into Jack’s shop like anyone else. Except, Jack can’t get Ethan out of his head, let alone resist the fact that the little wolf is spending the night on his land, just minutes away.
When he eventually gives in and seeks him out, he finds the omega panting on the ground in heat, begging for an alpha to give him release. Can Jack be that alpha for him? And is Ethan really as innocent as h


New Armour

After learning that his husband Mike is a ruthless assassin, mild-mannered Kevin is forced to go on the run. But after finding out that Mike’s next target is a high-profile Metahuman rights activist, Kevin teams up with Lt. Ted Fridolf, a military security expert with a secret of his own. Will this team be able to thwart a hit man who’ll stop at nothing to take out his mark?


Omega's Flight

A Steamy M/M (gay) novel for a mature audience only.

A former pack Omega, Aiden, tired of living at the bottom of the rung, treated like dirt and a slave, has escaped the fixed life of werewolves to roam around the strange world of humans. The city isn't the forest, and adjusting to it is rough. After meeting another of his own kind, a rather friendly and upbeat wolf by the name of Lance, Aiden finds himself in the midst of a dangerous feud. They find themselves bound together in a battle for their lives and in order to survive, Aiden must find his true self. Will he find it, or will they both perish before their passion for one another is known?