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Katlynn Brooke’s formative years growing up in Africa were unusual, even by African standards. As she travelled with her family through the bushveld, living in a gypsy caravan, she penned plays, poems, and short stories for her family’s entertainment. The seeds of fantasy were planted—seeds that eventually grew into the Ialana Series. Katlynn continued into her adulthood as a gypsy-wanderer, living in exotic countries, always scribbling, before settling permanently in the United States, where she now lives with her husband, and a cat.


Teen & Young Adult

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The People of the Damned (A Tales of Ialana Novella)

What could possibly go wrong when thirteen year old Holgar disobeys his father and leaves his village to go out hunting all by himself?

He could get kidnapped by slavers.

Along with his new-found companion Adne, the two children endure a nightmarish sea voyage from Afarre to Ialana, and upon arrival in Rhiannon, discover that their troubles have only just begun.

Amrafalus, the Dragon King of Rhiannon, has doomed them both to an inescapable fate; one that is unknown to them in the beginning, but slowly unravels during their long trek to the slave mines. What, they wonder, is meant by a soldier’s comment “marked for death”, and how long will they survive, without help, the impossible odds that are stacked against them?