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Am I a reader? Absolutely - it's my passion, my escape, my joy
Am I a writer? Without a doubt. The characters in my head are constantly demanding that their story be told.
But above all that - I am a human being. My passion for people is unparalleled, my firm belief in Love is Love unwavering, my hope that all can be accepted, undying. I do not write because I want to, I do it because I have to. I write because these voices, these beautiful men, have chosen me to tell their stories – and how damn lucky am I for that?

Dara Nelson is the author of:
Love in the Aftermath (Healing Hearts #1) M/M
Love After Chaos (Healing Hearts #2) M/M
Love Worth Fighting for (Healing Heart #3) M/M – work in progress

Under my pen name Kendel Duncan:
Author of the series Black Ops Heroes (#1 Drake Malone (M/M/F), #2 Storm Clouds Ahead (M/M/F), #3 Hurricane Force Winds (M/M), #4 When Tornadoes Collide (M/M), #5 Hazardous Weather Conditions (M/M), #6 Wind Chill Less than Zero (M/M), #7 Dense Fog with No Visibility (M/M), #8 Severe Side Winds Ahead (M/M), #9 Thunderstorms on the Horizon (M/M work in progress)
New Series:
Blackbird Fly Home –Doyle Global Securities #1 M/M
Finding my way Home – Doyle Global Securities #2 M/M work in progress



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