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Creator of disturbingly real dark fiction.

I write novels featuring charismatic, unforgettable characters, plots twistier than a corkscrew, and worlds you escape into in an instant.


Science Fiction


CWG Publishers

Can't wait to read this!

Jade Alters

Can't wait.

Helgaleena Healingline

oh yes! L D Fox does it again, cranks up the heat and delivers.

David Fuentes

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Leon Cameron

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JM Blake


Rebecca Janet

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Willie Dalton

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Elsa Joseph

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Stephanie Patterson

A richly textured, walk on the wild side that engages the reader from the beginning to the end.

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My Dad's C*cky Assistant

She's his boss's daughter. He's way too old for her. But there's no denying their chemistry...

When Joshua, an overworked employee at Hill Enterprises, is coerced into taking Alexa out to dinner, the last thing he's expecting is to find himself attracted to the young slip of a girl. Or that she'd end up coming home with him...

If cocky romances get you hot under the collar, then this is just for you.


Hush Money

Satisfaction guaranteed. Price: non-negotiable.

Gia, Opal and Ivy prayed for better lives, but Fate was none too kind when it answered those prayers. It set them up with Tanner, Caden, and Owen, the billionaire owners of the Fox Pit, a gentleman's club created explicitly to cater for the depraved and hedonistic needs of its wealthy clientèle.

Before accepting any of the girls, the owners evaluated each to ensure she would become a satisfactory employee.

All three were found worthy. All three were recruited. These are their stories.

Hush Money is the prequel to Dark Rapture.


Mr. Sugar

How far would you go to protect your secrets?

Drew Sugar had the perfect life. A beautiful home, a doting daughter, a loving wife. But the violent car accident that claimed his wife, Juliet, shattered his picturesque world. It's taken him almost a year to piece himself together, and he's vowed that the disturbing events leading up to that fateful day will never be repeated.

When Angel comes into his life - young and beautiful as sin - he knows she's just after his money. But he doesn't care because he's desperate to fill the void Juliet left behind. And when someone threatens to steal Angel away, he's determined not to let her go.

Now no one is safe; Mr. Sugar will do whatever it takes to ensure that his disturbing secret remains buried.


Mister Sugar

He's a wealthy widower. She's an attractive opportunist. Is their taboo romance destined for tragedy?

Recently widowed Drew Sugar expected his daughter home from college. When her friend, Angel, arrives in her car instead, his world is overturned in an instant.

He shouldn't have allowed her inside his house, but she had nowhere else to go. He should never have given in to her advances, but it had been months since he'd felt a woman's touch.

Angel makes him feel like the man he used to be before the lies and secrets surrounding his marriage came to light, devastating him. He's convinced Angel could be a new beginning.

Until his brother discovers their secret tryst, and attempts to steal what's not his.

He shouldn't have done what he did, but Mister Sugar isn't a sweet man.



Corrupting Xenia Applebottom

Dante's just signed a pact with the devil. If he wants to live longer than the 3 months his doctor has given him (you know, cancer), then he has to corrupt 13 innocent souls (read: virgins). It sounds easy enough - he's a good-looking guy and there's a large settlement coming his way from his class-action lawsuit. Except... nothing is as it seems - not the deal, not the lawsuit, not the damn virgins.