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Lee Carlon writes fast-paced, epic science fiction and fantasy.

Lee is a lifelong fan of both science fiction and fantasy and weaves his favorite elements from both genres into his fiction. In The Bastard Cadre dragons fly above an apocalyptic landscape dotted with cities of technological splendor. Humanity has evolved and is far from its origins on mythical Earth, and political factions wage war in a cycle that seems destined to destroy what’s left of humanity.

Originally from the UK, Lee now lives in Brisbane, Australia. His two favorite things are stories and travel.

The Bastard Cadre books are:

Discarded Gods (Prequel)
1. The Bastard Cadre
Desert Suns: A Bastard Cadre story
2. The Godslayers’ Legacy
3. The Dead God’s Shadow
4. The Lord of Frake’s Peak
5. Taunting the Devil
6. Hell’s Breath (Forthcoming)

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