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New author of sci-fi and fantasy books that can be found on Amazon.
Her work takes on a deep, metaphysical, and/or paranormal approach as she loves mixing action and horror with something meaningful, emotional, or thought-provoking.
She is a movie buff and gamer when she has the time; she is currently busy working on a fantasy trilogy - The Temple of Souls Saga - where samples will be shown exclusively here on Instafreebie.
Mari lives in northern Canada with partner and poet, Alvin, and their dog Pixie. She enjoys walking the northern trails as she dreams up more stories to write.


Science Fiction

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Midnight On Mars

They thought they would be together forever...
They broke up.

They thought they would be safer on Mars...
They were wrong.

Now, they have to put aside their differences, work together, and find a way to save the human race.

Kari Keskiyo figured she was lucky winning the one-way ticket to a refuge on a martian colony. But what she discovers on Mars is far worse than what she had endured on Earth; the first problem being that her ex-fiancé’s failed cloning project has created mindless killers called the Hollows, something that went against her spiritual beliefs.
Kari and Neil race across the colony in search of other survivors while they battle Hollows, and race against time...when the dead of night draws near, the Hollows are the least of their concern.



The Summoner: Book One of the Temple of Empia Saga (Preview)

This book is free on Amazon from Friday July 6th - Tues July 10th

Will she choose the prophecy or her heart?

Cassandra is pursued by an Empian named Lharkin, who spawned vampires under the orchestration of the Dark Guardian of the Night Realm: she holds the key to a prophecy that can destroy the last of his kind. As she discovers her powers and the shocking truths of the Empians past, she questions who her real enemy is in this ancient feud. She joins Lharkin on a quest to a mystical temple, and vows to thwart the next war between the Empians and Humans.

Can she redeem Lharkin's soul from the Night Realm before it's too late? Or will she have to face the one she is falling for?

Book 2 of this trilogy is coming out in Fall 2018