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Parikshit Samant is a technologist with extensive experience of the computer software industry.

Till a decade into his professional career, most of his life and reading revolved around computer software only. He gradually developed an interest in studying more varied aspects of life, more colors of the world. And that was really when he began reading books by respected authors across different topics. He loves all kinds of books, and has special respect for those authors and books written with a dual objective to "entertain as well as enrich".

He was born and brought up in Boisar, a town near Mumbai, and currently stays in Pune with his mother, wife, and son. Other than work and reading, he loves to play cricket, have long chats and arguments with old friends, and of course being in the company of good music and movies.

On the professional front, Parikshit has engineered software products for many technology companies, during his long stint with Persistent Systems, and other independent consulting engagements. He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India.


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