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Aspiring Author and Musician | Accomplished Physician and Surgeon | Human.

As a child, I realised that a lot of us kids had perfect recollections of events which never happened… and the only way to find legitimate traction for these yarns was to build narratives that people found interesting. It took me thirty years to find a sensibile application to this phenomenon.

So now, I try writing stories at night and work as a GP in the day (Yankies: that means a Family Physician). I live with my family in Melbourne, Australia.

I like ice-cream, reading, contemplating and debating fiction (and ice-cream) and believe in the compelling power of words (and ice-cream).


Science Fiction

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Poisoned Suns: Book 1

He was off the grid, until the woman he once loved turned up asking for help, a part of the team commissioned to dig up the meteorite.
The meteorite was a weapon from the ancient past, tried and tested technology that had wiped out countless civilisations.
Deep on the fringes of our solar system, the ancient Caretakers once vanquished, hide deep in slumber.
But now they have woken up.
And they have plans of their own…
A dystopian prelude to a Space Opera like no other.