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Sue writes Urban Fantasy thru Horror. Her writing dips a toe into dystopia and splashes blood freely. Never too dark, but not exactly puppies and kittens.



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Scratching in the Dirt

A father in Hell, a dead lover, and a demon gangster on her tail. Today is the best day of Tazia’s life.
As demons rise across the globe half-vampire, Tazia, is tasting freedom for the first time in 150 years. She’s not interested in the Risings, she just wants to pick up her cash and get outta Dodge.
Then a psycho angel interrupts her plans and, instead of a life of tequila on the beach, she’s forced into an alliance to save the demon who was once her jailer. It sickens her. But if Tazia runs, not only will she die, she’ll put those she loves at risk too…
Scratching in the Dirt is the first of the completed Written by Birds trilogy. It is an adult urban fantasy adventure set on the streets of modern-day Turin, London, and Detroit.
Note: Frequent F word. Violence. Some sexual references.