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Tamira Thayne is the author of The Wrath of Dog, The King's Tether, Foster Doggie Insanity, Capitol in Chains, and co-editor of Unchain My Heart and Rescue Smiles. She is the illustrator of The Puppy who Left Puddles on the Floor, Honey's Second Chance, Emma's Second Chance, and It's About A Dog.

Tamira is the pioneer of the anti-chaining movement in America, and founder and former CEO of Dogs Deserve Better, a nonprofit working exclusively for chained and penned dogs.

Tamira adores her human and fur family, and also all the wild critters she secretly names. She has a sneaking suspicion that the critters don't share the same fondness for her.

In 2016 founded Who Chains You Books, to amplify the voices of the animals through the empowerment of animal lovers, activists, and rescuers to write and publish books elevating the status of animals in today’s society.


Teen & Young Adult

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The Wrath of Dog

The hairy beast growled and lunged at Baylee, his rusted logging chain straining to break—like it did every morning she cut down his back alley.

She hadn’t dubbed him “The Wrath of Dog” for nothin’.

She’s vowed that someday she’ll free Wrath and they’ll rise up and smite his obviously nasty owner. For today, though, she just needs to get past him without dying and make it the two blocks to class before the bell rings and she has another detention headed her way.

Wrath’s plight is soon forgotten when her refusal to dissect a kitty earns her another trip to Principal Baird’s office. Things go from bad to worse, and before long she’s hearing voices in her head, decamping the school premises with a band of un-zombie cats, and learning that Wrath is a lot more than she bargained for...


The King's Tether

Discover the roots of the Chained Gods Series in this 6,000 word prequel story to the paranormal world of 17-year-old Baylee and her crew.

In a rare moment of inactivity, the dog rested his head on his front paws. The thick logging chain weighed heavily across his body as he pulled his back legs from beneath the oppressive steel. His eyelids drooped, and even though his feral mind urged him to remain vigilant, told him he was in constant danger, sleep had its way with him anyway.

With sleep came relief.

In the waking state his mind knew only bloodlust and revenge, his body hunger and thirst, and his heart pain and sorrow. In slumber his consciousness freed itself from its bonds, and he revisited an immortal life once known—only to lose the beloved memories upon reawakening...