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The Dragon Sting

Scoundrel and Sorcerer

Quinn has a dream. He wants to be the most famous con artist in history, the Crown Prince of Crime, if you will. And to achieve that dream, he has set in motion a dangerous game. Quinn has a plan to steal $3.5 million in gold from the White Dragon of Cleveland. Can Quinn pull it together or will his ambition to be the Crown Prince of Crime get him killed?

Read the short story that puts Quinn on the road to becoming the Crown Prince of Crime (and how he saves the world in the process).


A Bullet for Valentine

n a city of heroes, there's only one man trying to balance the scales of justice; Private Detective Jack Story

Jack's new client is furious. She is convinced her brother's suicide was a murder. The cops seem more interested in covering it up than finding the truth. Which leaves Jack in a hard place. Does he prove the cops wrong and find the murderer or does he do what everyone is telling him to do- let the dead lie?

The trail leads Jack to a long forgotten heroine who just might be willing to do anything to get back in the spotlight and the man who loves her. Both who may be willing to commit murder.

A Bullet for Valentine is the free ebook available only to subscribers. It is a Private Detective series set in a world of super heroes. If you like hard boiled detectives, dames, and super