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Relationships fascinate Zoë Burnzs. She enjoys exploring the inner workings of the human mind. She’s well read on the subject, has taken several psychology courses, and played matchmaker throughout her high school and college careers. As an adult, she continues to delve into the mysteries of the human psyche, discovering how people perceive love, relationships, and commitment.

Married for seven years, she possesses intimate knowledge of the joys and challenges of building a life with one’s partner. She derives great pleasure in helping people overcome relationship difficulties by teaching them to communicate better with their significant other.

Zoë loves to write, surf, hike, exercise, travel, and spend time with her husband. It’s not unusual to find her dancing through the house, singing a grand duet with her Umbrella Cockatoo, Coconut.

She has made it her mission to empower women through her writings. You can find more of her works at


Other (Nonfiction)

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Mend Your Own Broken Heart: Tips for Recovering from an Unfaithful Partner

You gave him your all, and he broke your heart. However, that heartache doesn’t have to be the end of your story. The pain, the loss, the uncontrollable urge to wallow in a pool of self-pity and shame isn’t your burden to carry. Mend Your Own Broken Heart is for every woman who has ever known the pain of betrayal. This book is your personal guide to healing from the inside out and learning how to move on in healthy and productive ways. Let’s forget about him and what he did and focus on you. Learn how to recover from an unfaithful partner. Commit to loving, trusting, and trying again - this time with someone who deserves you and will treat you like the queen you are - yourself!


Top 15 Ways to Tell If Your Man Is Cheating

“Follow your intuition,” they say. But what if your intuition leads you in a direction you know in your heart is true, but can’t bring yourself to believe?
15 Strategies to Tell if Your Partner is Cheating is your guide to trusting your gut and using your instincts to help you root out the truth.
Take it from someone who has been there; there are always clues. Let me help you recognize them.
Inside the pages of this book, you’ll discover everything you need to know like:
• What to watch out for
• When to dig a little deeper
• Why he’s behaving the way he is
• When you’ve gone in the wrong direction
• And all the important clues that will lead you to the truth

If you’re ready to find out for yourself, and more importantly, anxious to move forward in your life, this book can take you from


Rebuilding Trust and Rekindling Romance: After the Porn

When women discover their partners’ fascination -- or even addiction -- to porn, depressing thoughts can consume their minds. Feelings of betrayal and personal inadequacy live side by side with anger and hurt. In today’s society, this is an all-too-common problem that strikes at the heart of countless relationships.

In Rebuilding Trust and Rekindling Romance: After the Porn, author Zoë Burnzs lays out how women can deal with the aftermath and recover the emotional bond with their partners. This process takes time and patience, but your relationship is worth it. No longer will you have to live with shame, guilt or anger. Instead, you and your partner will embark on the romantic journey you always wanted, free of obstacles and full of love.