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The Shadow of Oz

This is not the Wizard of Oz from your childhood. This is not the bright-eyed innocent Dorothy Gale as portrayed by Judy Garland. This is a story of abuse, tragedy, depression, and the lengths a person will go for the ones they love. All of your favorite Oz characters are here, reimagined in new dark and horrific ways. This is the story of Dorothy’s rise to power in the fantasy world of Oz, or her descent into madness after experiencing the unimaginable. Hold onto your hats, because you’re not in Kansas anymore. You’re inside the mind of the Shadow of Oz.


The Bangor Cave Witch: Origins

Based on the Alabama Urban Legend.

Every legend has a beginning. Every nightmare has a grain of truth.

Wes decides having a late night picnic with his lady-love would be a good way to show his affections. Little could he know what they were stumbling into. What starts off as a romantic getaway turns into a Hellish nightmare of torture and abuse. The Bangor Cave Witch doesn't take kindly to trespassers.