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Science Fiction
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From the world of the Sharani Series, follow twins Tieran and Sarial in this short story as they perform a ritual as old as time. Astride the backs of their winged aevians, they both take flight to participate in their very first genesauri hunt. The serpentine monsters are roving the Sharani Desert in packs once more, set on destroying all life upon the sands. All is well with the hunt until Teiran notices his twin in mortal peril. He must act quickly or Sarial's life will surely be forfeit. But saving her may requiring him to lay down his own.



Resurgent Shadows

Ever since the Breaking, humankind has struggled for survival. Caleb is one of the survivors, and the only thing he cares about is getting revenge on the monsters that killed his wife and son. When he saves the life of a dverger—a mythic dwarf-like creature—Caleb discovers that the Breaking may have brought good to the world along with the evil. On the other side of the country, Eric leads a small group of survivors in relative prosperity until a powerful war hammer is forced into his hands—a weapon with a will of its own so commanding that it sends Eric on a mission with one purpose: destroy the creatures that threaten his home. Caleb and Eric must each decide to do something no one has dared before: to hunt the DragonLords and reclaim the world for man.