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E.A. Comiskey is an award-winning writer and nationally syndicated blogger. Her debut novel, More Things in Heaven and Earth has been a best-seller in its category on Amazon and the sequel, Dwelling in Heaven and Earth is due to be released in summer, 2017. Her work is broadly described as "speculative fiction" and often includes elements of mythology, fantasy, horror, and even romance.

She lives in southeast Michigan with her husband, children, and a veritable zoo of creatures. If there’s a festival in the area, you can bet she’s there. After all, when you live in Michigan, you go outside whenever you get the chance.



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Full Circle: A Short Story of Redemption

A young man is running from certain death when he encounters a mysterious stranger who helps him discover what it means to truly live.



More Things In Heaven And Earth

"The veil is coming down. What will be revealed about you?"

Simone Fitzgerald battles for a normal life against voices no one else hears. She seems to be succeeding, until an angel appears, asking her to embrace the voices as a gift and stand as The Prophet.

When demons mobilize the beings of legend against mankind, Divine Wrath burns hot against creation. Simone must find the strength to embrace The Light and bring peace to the universe, but she may be crushed under the weight of the burden she's been asked to bear.

Follow an epic journey that takes the earth you know through a time when fairy tale creatures rule and into realms undreamed of.