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Come Back to Me

Janey has to make a decision, a decision that could end her life or make it. But which is the right choice, the husband she's grown apart from, or the security of home and her doctor? It's not an easy choice but she has to make it.


Wruin: Brothers of the Dark Places

Stuck in a dead-end job Abigail has just about had enough. Enough of her overbearing boss, enough of people that want to take advantage of her, enough of a world that just won’t give her a break. When tragedy strikes, Abigail’s life takes a drastic change, and she not only finds herself in a new world, but in a world of danger. She’s been sent from her mountain home in West Virginia to an entirely different world in England. Her only questions now are: who is her father and who is the Wruin her mother whispered about?
Wruin is a dragon-shifter that’s waiting, waiting for the day he can return to his home, waiting for the day he can find his mate, waiting for the day when he has to protect her from the man that’s supposed to keep her safe: her own father.
18+ Strong language, sexy times.