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Hereafter & Other Short Stories

Hereafter is a collection of stories written over the last decade. Featuring the leading title novella: Hereafter tells the story of how the boys from The Virgin Suicides grew into men unable to shake the suicides of the Lisbon girls from their subconscious, and their subsequent failings.

The other short stories feature a family dealing with life on the Frontier, a man who can't resist the urge to strip to his birthday suit any longer, a Big Brother who is no longer in control, a scientist who ties himself up in time, and a couple who allow possessions to own them.

Cyberpunk fans will also be treated to the first 6,000 words of my forthcoming novel, Neon Driver.


Plains of Ion

It's a race scarred by scorched desert and broken machinery, but if he wants answers, it is one he must win.

Beyond the sand mountain stretches the arid patchwork tundra of the ion plains, where the only township is run by ruthless matriarchs who host the bi-annual Liberty Trials. With one full circuit around the outer rim, and Kingdom City looming invitingly and forever on the inner horizon like a nightly neon bonfire, losing could mean death, but winning could be the answer to his only concern: chasing down Annora.

Plains of Ion is book two in the Neon Sands trilogy; exploring a desert matriarchal township with secrets to unearth: one reliant on the overbearing domed city to survive. Start those engines!


The Risen

Can the undead evolve? Can humanity survive if so?

The UK population has been ravaged, the towns and cities pillaged; survivors like Nate must scavenge to support his family, and Ruby is just looking for somewhere to call home. But when a bloody encounter brings them together, only to change their lives forever, do they look for answers or accept their fate? Dark, thrilling, and tragic, The Risen explores a new kind of existence where the undead aren’t the only threat to humanity.


Neon Sands: a trilogy

Sand like powder smothers the decimated planet; those who eke an existence scavenge and utilise old technologies they barely understand, wanderers drifting from outpost to outpost. But the sand hides secrets, and when it shifts, questions unasked and allegiances long forged are challenged. What else is the sand hiding?

A sci-fi/solarpunk adventure in an inhospitable landscape, Neon Sands is the opening book in an epic series that will explore Man’s technological and innate potential, and the search for hope when all looks bleak.

Neon Sands trilogy 1/3

Neon series 1/9