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Women's Fiction

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What Skylar Needs

They say music brings people together...

Not for Skylar Stillman and Melanie Nova. Melanie and her best friends were having a girls night at her new apartment when her sexy, brooding neighbor showed up. Not only did he say they were too loud, but he insulted their music choice. Obnoxious pop music-...How rude?

The half-pint woman with curly locks, brown skin, and endless curves wasn’t what Skylar expected to see on the other side of the door. The last thing he needed was another woman in his life. Steering clear of each other seemed like the best option.

Mishaps kept throwing the two together. So when Skylar needed a date for his sister’s wedding to ward off his family friend, and latest fling, he knew just the person for the job.

This is a BWWM, enemies to lovers, romantic comedy.