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Christopher of Detroit writes sincere explorations of the counter-culture in fiction, short stories, and poetry. His work blends the genres of autobiography, fable, spirituality, erotica, and pulp serial. Inside his fantasy worlds, Christopher examines philosophical dualities, transitions of the psyche, alternate realities, and spiritual revelations.

Christopher is also an exhibiting painter and book artist. He publishes artist books, paperbacks, and e-books under the imprint Sublimation Pressworks. His print and e-book publications are available on several book-selling platforms. His limited edition artist books and paintings appear in collections in the United States, South Korea, and Vietnam.

A constant traveler, Christopher considers himself an international resident with no permanent home. Although, he still loves his birthplace of Detroit, and considers Thailand his spiritual residence.


Biographies & Memoirs

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The Invisible Histories of the Spiral Mountain

A love that changes everything…

A broken man searches for meaning in one of America’s most immoral cities: Detroit, Michigan. His life changes when he meets an enigmatic figure: a spiritual teacher who initiates him into a secret brotherhood of knights.

The man also finds illumination in a maiden’s embrace. Experiencing this tenderness becomes the crux of the knight-errant’s struggle with courtly love and this doomed romance changes the knight forever.

"The Invisible Histories of the Spiral Mountain" is an unconventional novel: part poignant love story, part sex, drugs, and rock n roll, part thought-provoking mystical allegory.

Disclaimer: This work contains explicit content including strong language, graphic drug use, and intense sexual situations intended for mature adult audiences


The Erotic Tales of Bucephalus

What does it mean to be human?

A beast experiences sexuality through a man's body inside a spectral hotel lost in time. Alexander the Great’s mighty steed, Bucephalus, dies in battle near the River Hydaspes within the Persian Empire.

In an eerie hotel room, Bucephalus awakens in a human body with an insatiable sex drive. Morpheus, the deliverer of dreams, appears and sends Bucephalus on an erotic journey.

Haunted by an elusive room-hopping nymph, Bucephalus struggles with his beastly nature by indulging in licentious encounters with the hotel’s occupants.

From a decadent orgy in a sixteenth-century Italian ballroom to an evocative sex-magic ritual in the jungles of Siam, Bucephalus explores the limits of eroticism, diving into a turbulent world of sexual corruption and self-reflection.