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Hi, I'm Ruby Forrest and I drool over shifters and all things paranormal.

I also write what I want to read. I want a steaming, bulging, black bear to rescue me from death - I write it. I want an ancient family of dragon shifters to take me in and fight over me - I write it. I want a brother clan of sexy grey wolf shifters to protect me and claim me as their mate - I fantasise about it for a few days, then I write it!

And I know that in doing this, I will also give my readers what they want; their deepest, darkest, sexiest fantasies coming to life.

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Forbidden Mate

Emilia Niles. Small town girl. Looking to get out. But she found Connor instead.

Will she get sucked into a secret life?
After getting caught up in a shifter family war, Emilia has to make a decision.
Should she make a run for it and put this all behind her?
The drama, the danger, the wild passion. Him.
Should she run away from the chaos?
Or will she bind herself to her soul mate?

A 3-book steamy small-town Bear Shifter Romance.