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Darkside Earther

All they want is love. Now they wonder if they'll be able to survive it.

Axel Stahl wants to marry, have kids. Maybe not today, but he sure has eyes on one girl.

Between massively immersive virtuals, games to entertain nearly eighteen billion people in the Solar System, living aboard a 41 thousand kilometer long space station encircling the Earth, and highly-placed parents in the Spacer organization, you'd think he had it made, but things are never as simple as it seems.

Most "normal" people see Axel as a failure, a lost hope for having children in space. A failure even though he actually did survive his birth. His childhood was full of so much pain.

Helen Kenostaphos doesn't care about failures or, indeed, what anyone else thinks. Nano infusions for speeded perceptions isn't everythi


Love is War - Darkside Earther

Calling all Lunatics and Loonies! A Valentine's Day treat has arrived!

Guess who is going to discover a secret admirer?

We're starting Helen off right. Virtuals, hacking, and lots of bloodshed does the right proper job of saying, "I love you."