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Michael Botur, born 1984, is a writer originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, who now lives in Whangarei with his wife and two kids.
Botur is author of four acclaimed indie short story collections. He published the novel Moneyland in 2017 after a crowdfunding campaign on Boosted. After publishing Moneyland, Botur found a young adult audience on the world’s largest creative writing platform for young people, Wattpad. Moneyland has since had over 3000 reads on the site.
The novel Moneyland is inspired by themes around food scarcity and the effect capitalism has on natural resources. Botur also says he wanted to write a “more realistic” teen dystopian novel than what he feels is normally offered in NZ.
“Nothing gets sugar-coated in my writing, not for adults nor teens. I want my readers to experience a book that shows how people would realistically react to being under a biodome with no food: desperation, hunger and fear make people aggressive. When we’re too hungry and impatient to trust democracy, some of us will put our faith and our money behind a dictator.”
Botur holds a Masters in Creative Writing from AUT University and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism Studies from Massey University, as well as degrees in arts and literacy. Botur makes a living from writing as a columnist, corporate communications writer, blogger, advertising writer and journalist.
Botur has published creative writing in most NZ literary journals and has won various prizes for short stories and poems since beginning writing in 2005. He has been making money from creative writing since the age of 21 and was in 2017 included in collections put together by University of Otago (Manifesto 101) and University of Canterbury (Bonsai: Small Fictions).
Botur has published journalism in most major NZ newspapers including New Zealand Herald, Herald on Sunday, Sunday Star-Times.
In 2017 Botur launched the only online ‘gallery’ for NZ short story writers,, where he makes all of his published work free to read and download.

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