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RELAUNCH! Stagnation, Change, and Renewal in Mid-Career and Beyond

RELAUNCH! is about renewing a sense of passion for a career or job. It’s about the antidotes to stagnating in a job or career you don’t love or even like, or find boring day in and day out. The book is based on listening to what mid and late career clients have confided as their most pressing and distressing issues regarding jobs and careers, and how we have attempted to help them restore or find for the first time a new love for the work they do. If you have struggled with decisions about making a change, or have been unable to find the right job....or any job; or if you can't stand the work you are doing or who you work for, and need a change for the better; or if you are so discouraged about your job search that you are at wit's end, then this book is for you.