Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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The Daughter

Nory and Catalina told a big lie to save themselves. Now every woman at the Third Ward Women's Facility believes that Catalina is their savior--the daughter of the alien mother hovering above the Earth. In a moment of blind jealousy, Nory makes a decision that changes everything.


Broken Nation

America is a weak and struggling shadow of its former self: where there were once fifty states there are now just fifty cities; where resources were once plentiful they are now scarce and doled out in rations; and where democracy once flourished there is now only the Company, the sole remaining power—because they control the drug that keeps the Virus at bay.

Leanne, one of the few survivors of the Virus but now orphaned and missing a leg, must rely on the help of Alex Santiago, the one person she still knows, the one person who can help her avoid being conscripted by the military, and the one person who swore he’d come back to save her. . . .