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Logan Levi

The stories here are made possible by Logan Levi, a wife, a mother, and a lover of all types of books. Logan loves to write works of fiction and enjoys staying in touch with her fans. She also enjoys creating interesting characters that appeal to a variety of readers.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Management and worked as an independent business owner for years before giving it up to pursue her passion of writing full time. She’s never looked back.

Logan can be reached at
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Science Fiction

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Relatively Human

Earth has been uninhabitable for years or so some would have you believe, but we survived. Colonization would ensure our future, but that would mean we’d have to circumvent any malicious attempts on our lives and outrun the aliens, who want to see our demise.

Left virtually defenseless, we’ll have to muster up the strength to outsmart the aliens before they enslave others like us.