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Diary of Anna the Girl Witch

Anna knew she was different. She never realized she had powers that could destroy her soul...

Anna's past is a mystery. Discovered living with wild bears in Russia as a baby, she knows there's something that makes her different from everyone else in the orphanage. It's not until she turns thirteen that she finds out the incredible secret...

A letter from her long-dead mother explains the truth: Anna Sophia is a witch. She has magical powers that can be used for good or evil, and if she isn't careful, the darkness could come from within. When a serious danger threatens Anna and her friends, she must use her powers no matter what the cost.

Anna Sophia can ignite things. She can fly in a bucket and stop time. Can she save her friends without sacrificing her soul?



It’s not easy being twelve and in middle school. It’s even harder when a gang of tough older kids takes away your only soccer field. And it doesn’t help that Max is a kid who tends to get a little overly anxious about almost everything. But, all those problems are nothing compared to the crush Max Lapin has on a girl named Tanya, who is smart, nice, a lot taller than he figures he’ll ever be.

This book may be set in the fascinating time and place of 1983 in the Soviet Union, but the experiences Max has are universal to all times and all places. Readers, both boys and girls, will love meeting Max, his wonderful and wise grandpa, and all the funny, kind, and sometimes not so nice characters in his life.



Max! Box Set: Books 1-3 Preview

It is 1983, and Max Lapin is about to turn thirteen. He lives in a remote Soviet city of Belsk, but very soon, Max finds himself in all sorts of places — the nearby zoo; Moscow; Alaska and Mongolia... But one thing remains constant: readers love Max because they can relate to him.

Max is as flawed as he is loveable. As you move with Max through his middle school years, you’ll laugh, cry, worry, roll your eyes, and appreciate the challenges he is willing to face.

Max! is both an adventure series and a coming of age story that entertains middle-grade readers and adults alike. While the characters are fictional, the locations and history are all based on facts.

This giveaway includes the first chapters of the trilogy.



Tommy Hopps and the Aztecs

Tommy Hopps was just an average American teenager, until everything changed overnight…

When Tommy’s family goes on vacation to Mexico City, a wicked, time traveling pirate attacks them, murders his father and pulls Tommy into a vicious time warp. He finds himself marooned in 1521 Mexico, in the middle of the Aztec Empire, and must draw on his own courage and instinct to survive.

Tommy must overcome incredible odds on his quest to reunite with his family, including a horde of Aztec warriors, a prison full of human freaks, mysterious sorcerers, and ghostly, shape-shifting beings. Only with the help of some unlikely friends can Tommy escape his captors and, ultimately, learn the astonishing truth about his own past.

Will Tommy survive? Can he return in time to save his father?