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Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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Someone’s digging up the dead, making the spirits restless…

Born before recorded time, Mathers is an immortal—well, sort of. The name of the game: international monster hunter. When things go bump in the night, he responds with shotgun blasts and hellfire. You know, to keep the peace.

Evil is brewing in the small town of Merrygold, Illinois, and someone is making a habit of tossing around skulls and tibias like rice at a wedding. The dead don’t like to be disturbed, and when multiple bodies are desecrated, he’s on the hunt for whatever nasty demon, ghoul, what-have-you is stirring up trouble.

All while taking care of a twelve-year-old girl with a penchant for mischief.

Now that menace has his scent, though, and it won’t be long before the hunter becomes the hunted…


Brooding City

Detective Brennan is confronted with his past crimes while on the trail of a violent drug lord…

Cursed with the supernatural ability to know when others are lying to him, Arthur Brennan, homicide detective with Odols Police Department, sees deception everywhere he looks.

Following a betrayal at the hands of fellow Sleepers several years ago, Brennan has left behind the life of a clandestine dream-stalking assassin and taken up a silver detective’s badge. The eyeless corpse of a dead pharmacist sets Brennan on the hunt for a ruthless madman, one whose product is leaving its own mounting body count.


Port City - A Sci-Fi Short Story

Born to a poor family in a compound of farmers, Hitch has never experienced what life in the big city is like.

Especially when that city is Port City, a place ruled entirely by synthetics.

Desperate to earn the credits necessary to save his family's farm and preserve their future livelihood, Hitch embarks on a quest to strike it big in Port City, where dreams are made and anyone with the drive and passion to succeed will find their fortune. Or so the stories go.

Misfortunes soon start to plague young Hitch, though, and he falls in with a crowd of synthetic sympathizers who want nothing more than to become like the robotic elite who run the city. Toxic mists, replicated body parts, and woven webs of deception lie within—and that's only the first five pages!