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Too Curious

Sometimes a girl just wants to run wild…

I’m twenty-one and dying to leave home. Thankfully, the opportunity of a lifetime comes along when I’m accepted as an intern for the world’s most handsome and scandalous billionaire, Trevor Wylde.

“Don’t go! He’s a sex maniac, a womanizer!”

Everyone told me not to go but the warnings just made it even more exciting. I start work and he notices me straight away, inviting me to secret, sexy party where he shows me the time of my life.

But is he hiding an insidious secret?

Who is the mysterious Ophelia who’s hell bent on hating me?

And what’s going on with the mysterious robes I find in Trevor’s bedroom?

I know I should stay away from him but I can’t! He drives me crazy like no other man has ever done. But I have a secret… Will it scare him


Managing The Billionaire: Alpha Billionaire

Emma's life was a mess. Her stepfather was a complete asshole. He abused her and her mother. He even tried to molest her. When her mom intervened, he killed her. Since that day, Emma developed a hatred for every man.
However, life had some other plans for her. Things changed when she met Philip Cruz, a billionaire and CEO of a multinational company. She tried her best to hate him but he was simply irresistible.
A story of love, hatred, trust and cheat.
Warning: This story is composed of explicit language, explicit scenes/erotic scenes, alcohol and violence.


Insta Love

Paige Manning has the seemingly perfect life, a respectable husband, a nice house in the suburbs and an easy job. But it doesn’t matter how many people envy her, she still can’t shake the feeling that everything’s wrong and of course, husband, Arthur is at the center of her troubles.

With her life in turmoil, she finds herself casting her mind back to being a teenager when the real love of her life, Sean was in her arms. If only their relationship wasn’t harboring not one, but two dark secrets. Things that could never let her sleep easy again…

With an aching desire to resolve the past, she seeks out Sean, now a successful psychiatrist. Posing as a patient, she reveals all and soon he can’t stop himself from falling in love again. But after eight years, life is increasingly complicated


The Billionaire's Trap: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

John Batista, a sex crazed billionaire carries out his cruel research in his home laboratory. But his last victim has escaped, and he’ll do anything to stop him telling the truth…
As Cassie bonds with the man with the terrifying story, things begin to heat up. As she spends more and more time questioning him, she can’t deny the attraction between them. Will she risk her job just for a few moments of pleasure? And will the murderous billionaire catch up with his lost victim?
Meanwhile Cassie and her partner are working undercover, sent to do surveillance on a known crack house, the last thing she expects to see is a car speed up the street and crash right into it. The driver, injured and bloody, only has one thing to say before he loses consciousness…
“The others…”


Boss Me Please (A Billioniare Steamy Romance Series)

When math genius Stephanie gets a scholarship to the prestigious Knightswood University in London, she’s both excited and terrified. She’ll have to leave everything behind in Kansas, but she’ll be finally appreciated for her intelligence. Finding herself plunged into the center of English university life, she soon becomes popular and finds her footing as one of the school’s most gifted students.
What she doesn’t know is that billionaire and previous Knightswood student, Fredrick Milton is volunteering in her class in a bid to source the most talented mathematicians.
When a mysterious test is placed in front of her and she finds herself getting top marks, she’s soon pushed into his orbit. She can’t deny how handsome he is and he has eyes for her too!



Drake had everything a man could desire in his life. He was 22 years old, the only heir of a multi-billion dollar business. His parents loved him, he had a beautiful fiancée. Very soon, he was required to take over the business as the Chairman. Life seemed perfect.
However,his life shattered one fine day, when he discovered his fiancée sleeping with his best friend. He couldn’t believe that his best friend and his fiancée, who were among the most trusted persons in his life had betrayed him. He left everything and disappeared.
He returned after 4 years. Nobody knew where he had been for these 4 years, except for his parents. When he returned, he was a mature man who was ready to take over the company as the Chairman. He had promised to himself that he would never ever fall in love again,


Sex Prescribed

Lincoln has studied every part of the female anatomy...
....and how to stimulate it!


I always thought I was the luckiest girl in the world being engaged to my childhood sweetheart. In fact, there’s nothing I love more than rushing home to him after a hard shift at the hospital. Except today I found out he’s a dirtbag, and he’s had someone else in our bed while I saved lives.
All I wanted to do was escape to my mom’s house but if things couldn’t get any worse, some asshole crashes into me and I find myself staring out through my shattered windshield at a kind stranger saving my life.
But who is he? And could his eyes be any bluer?


I may be a billionaire and world famous biomechanics inventor but I’m a doctor first and all I’ve ever wanted to do was save lives. Making my


Billionaire Experience: Romance For Mature Women (4 Book Box Set 1)

Romance For Mature Women who likes to stay up late reading and thinking about sexy bad boys.

This BoxSet Includes All of renowned author Brooke Kinsley Best books

Boss MePlease by Brooke Kinsley
Too Curious Series by Brooke Kinsley
Insta Love by Brooke Kinsley

+New Book!!!
Sex Prescribed by Brooke Kinsley

Enjoy and sorry for making you stay up late ;)