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Koby's Destiny

Fear and lust lead to revenge and a brutal fight for survival.

As the United States crumbles due to an out of control epidemic, computer repair technician Gary Kobyashi finds himself enjoying the sights at his local gentleman’s club. In a seedy and corrupt institution where the owner is anything but a gentleman, Koby stages a daring rescue to save his favorite dancer.

Instead of a happily ever after, Koby quickly realizes he now has more to fear than just an epidemic. When the club owner comes looking for revenge, Koby finds his true destiny in the arms of his saviors.

Koby’s Destiny is a prequel adventure to the Collin War Chronicles detailing how Goshen’s funniest and most dependable resident found his way into the town where he successfully lived out his purpose.


Thoughts from the Throne

It is often said that geniuses come upon their best ideas while dreaming. Well, comedian Billy Hoffman is no genius. His "best" ideas come while he sits upon the throne. The porcelain throne. We're talking about the toilet people! 

Anyway, yeah, the dude comes up with funny stuff while taking a dump now and then. So be it. Just because his inspiration comes while dropping the kids off at the pool doesn't mean it is toilet humor. Or does it? 

Are you still reading the back of this book? If you got this far, buy the damn thing already. 


Praying for War


One Step Ahead

Would you help a criminal, to save yourself?
Fresh off the expose´ of an organized crime syndicate, an award winning investigative reporter lives in fear for his life. Relocating to Detroit under a new government issued identity, Nathan Davies finds himself dealing with the underbelly of American society once again.
America's most notorious thief, Zachary Landon, thrives upon the wealthy residents of the Motor City. Only targeting those who oppress the weak, Landon has become known as a modern day Robin of the Hood.
Davies quickly becomes enamored with the legend of Landon and soon his desire to learn more pushes aside the fear that has kept him alive. After a chance meeting, a bond begins to form and Nathan finds that Zachary Landon truly deserves to be glorified, not persecuted.



Praying for War - Preview

In a future that feels suspiciously like the past, death is in the air.

Collin War wakes up in a bed that is not his own, in a body that feels changed. He is the first of his kind, the first to recover from a mysterious fever that has ravaged the world. Collin awakens in the small town of Goshen, Montana, a community struggling to survive while maintaining a faithful existence. He yearns for his lost family but finds himself drawn to the people of Goshen.

​Stepping into the leadership role he was destined for, Collin helps his new friends cope with loss, defend against the fever and battle outsiders seeking to destroy the town and all it stands for. But from the ashes of death comes the realization that not all savages live in the wild.