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As an author marketing manager, it's important for me to get the best service and the greatest exposure for my clients and Prolific Works delivers on both counts! As always with Prolific Works you get the feeling that you’re part of a family. They have a team approach to their business and genuinely try to help and support authors.

Tim Flanagan

Tim Flanagan

Once I started using Prolific Works to reach a wide variety of readers, my newsletter became my core focus. It enabled me to cater to readers who were interested in me and my novels. I was finally able to stop waving my hands around in the dark, hoping to find something that worked. Now, with my newsletter list established, I’m able to focus on my writing and bringing more books to readers I’ve found on Prolific Works.

S.J. Pajonas

S.J. Pajonas

Prolific Works has proved invaluable for connecting with engaged readers, growing newsletters, and building a supportive author community. The group giveaways, in particular, have been very potent, helping me reach new readers and build strong connections with fellow authors. All of this, combined with the team's constant efforts to expand and improve, makes Prolific Works an important promotional tool.

Dean F. Wilson

Dean F. Wilson

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