Prolific Works
About Us

Prolific Works was created with a mission to accelerate great stories and big ideas. As the book world’s leading platform for exclusive access to sneak peeks, advance previews, and special giveaways, we live our mission every day and give readers a chance to see it first.

Instant Connection

For our author partners, seeing it first means having an instant connection to engaged fans in our rapidly growing reader community. Prolific Works builds the trusted and lasting connection to the right readers–the ones authors knew were there all along.

Freedom to Discover

For our reader community, see it first means having the freedom to explore and discover authors they’ll love–the ones readers were hoping for all along. Exclusive access to great stories and big ideas before anyone else lets readers See It First before they buy, before they review, and before they share with friends and family.

The Team
Maura Fertich
Operations Manager
Jason Freeman
Casey Leffers
Marketing and Production Associate
Alex Pickering
Marketing and Production Associate
Dalia Sadaka
Marketing and Production Associate
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