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A. Renée Bowling is an independent author who majored in English. Her first novel, Goddess Wars, offers a breath of fresh air for female fans of science fiction. From a family of science fiction lovers, the novels left by her late father inspired her to delve into the genre and create worlds of her own. She is also the author of contest winning poetry. She collects ball-jointed dolls of the characters from her stories, but don't worry, it's definitely not weird. When she isn't being harassed by her cats, she uses stories to show young women of all races and walks of life that they can be heroes and goddesses, too


Science Fiction

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Goddess Wars

Adriana Oliveira never thought she'd amount to anything, but that changes the day she finds herself on an alien vessel bound for an alien world. Once there, she undergoes a dangerous and life-altering procedure that will forever change humanity's place in the galaxy. Thrust into the middle of a conflict she doesn't understand, she must navigate a dangerous political system, while fending off a mysterious and powerful adversary. Complicating matters is the handsome alien captain vying for her attention. The fate of two races hangs in the balance. Can she rise to the occasion?