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A.D. Ellis is an Indiana girl, born and raised. She spends much of her time in central Indiana teaching alternative education in the inner city of Indianapolis, being a mom to two amazing school-aged children, and laughing at two precocious cats. A lot of her time is also devoted to phone call avoidance and her hatred of cooking.
She loves chocolate, wine, pizza, and naps along with reading and writing romance. These loves don’t leave much time for housework, much to the chagrin of her husband of nearly two decades. Who would pick cleaning the house over a nap or a good book? She uses any extra time to increase her fluency in sarcasm.
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The boys are back in town, and Torey Hope is better than ever.

*For ages 18+ only due to adult language and themes.


For Nicky

Come visit Torey Hope, you'll never want to leave.
*Contemporary romance for ages 18+ due to adult language and themes.


Eli & Gage: Something About Him

Eli & Gage: Something About Him

*A Valentine’s Day Short Story*

Gage hates Valentine's Day. Eli isn't crazy about the day either. An unplanned date between two strangers may be just the thing to change their minds about the day of love.

**A male/male romance short story meant for ages 18+.**


Bryan & Jase: The Beginning (Something About Him)

Blurb from full-length (this short story takes place right before the full-length novel begins)--

Jase Rafferty grew up hiding his sexual curiosities—until he meets Bryan Keating. Bryan’s sexuality is no secret, and being deployed overseas together allows the two men to forge a solid friendship. The sexual attraction is undeniable, but after one lust-filled week, they must go their separate ways.
A year later, a chance meeting gives them one more weekend together, even though they know Jase can’t risk his military career or his family obligations to be with Bryan.
Several years pass before Jase finally accepts the desperate longing in his heart and body. But when fear and hatred threaten to tear them apart, Jase must make a tough decision, one that he isn’t sure he and Bryan can overcome


A Taste of Him

Dear Reader,
I know what it’s like to think a story looks or sounds good, but to be hesitant to purchase. What if the story just doesn’t suit you? Not every story is going to be your cup of tea. So, I’ve put together the first THREE chapters from six of my male/male romance books for you to sample. Of course, my hope is you’ll love my boys as much as I do and want to read the rest of the book. But, this way, you can try-before-you-buy so to speak.
These books are all standalone titles (although a few characters DO overlap,) so if one story doesn’t grab you, try the next one because it just may.
If you end up liking these stories, PLEASE leave a review on Amazon.
Now, sit back and enjoy a scrumptious sampling of sexy male/male romance in the Something About Him series.