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A.D. Popovich was born and raised in Louisiana. At the age of fifteen, she moved to California with her family. Living in California was a huge eye-opener for her. California meant freedom. “Well, back in the 70s it did.” After meeting her husband, life has been one adventure after another. They lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a while—absolutely wonderful. Several years later they made a wrong turn and ended up in Florida: too many tornados and alligators. They returned to California and set-up their own business, The Cosmic Shirt Company, for about two years until the Bankstas caused The Crash. Homeless for a while. “Yes, really.” They finally managed to get their feet back on the ground after obtaining super-boring jobs.

After several years of working in the mundane world, A.D. Popovich decided it was time for a change. She focused almost every second of her free-time focusing and visualizing her childhood dream—writing. Her first novel, Only the Dead Don’t Die, was more successful than she had anticipated. She’s busy working on book two of the Only the Dead Don’t Die series. She strives to write compelling, scary, survival stories with a touch of the metaphysical about the average guy and gal, (not a hitman, superhero, military expert, reporter or socialite).

When asked what people find surprising about her, she replied, “Hmm, the people who knew me from my working-world life were super-surprised when I told them I had published a dystopian novel. They were like . . . ‘Whut?’ They were just getting used to my metaphysical side. Now they really think I’m weird. It seems odd to me as well that I like to venture to the dark side in my stories. Also, I’m super-girly; most people are surprised that I was in the Army Reserves. In fact, some people actually don’t believe me when I mention I’ve served in the military.”


Science Fiction


RM Hamrick

Scarlett disconnects from the real world for a few days -- and it all goes to crap. An apocalyptic adventure.

LC Champlin

A suspenseful story with an interesting main character. There are plenty of horror and thrills. Definitely worth the read!

Derek Slaton

Great cover and setup! So excited to dive into this world.

Leon Cameron

Bone chilling cover, great idea for a story!

Baileigh Higgins

This was a fantastic read! One of those that stay with you for a while...and then a little bit longer. A must-read for lovers of the apocalypse!

Sue Hollister Barr

In Only The Dead Don't Die, A.D. Popovich manages to combine cozy characterization with horror, like Hitchcock used to do, in addition to peppering her writing with dry humor and imaginative similes. A comfortable read for a story that develops organically and includes characters of all ages.

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Only The Dead Don't Die

A Dystopian Novel Loaded With Adventure!

The Super Summer flu is devastating the United States. Meanwhile, Scarlett Lewis, an ordinary grade school teacher, mopes around her condo, recovering from a painful break-up. She finally gathers the courage to reconnect with society—oblivious to the pandemic.

Until . . . she begins noticing the bizarre events unraveling around her.

During Scarlett’s desperate search to find her sister and the rest of civilization, she meets other survivors who may not have her best interests at heart. With hope as her last weapon of defense, Scarlett must learn to survive the creeper-infested world without sacrificing her own humanity as she discovers the dark fate of the Human Race.