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A.M. Goetz is a copywriter by trade and a journalist by chance, but she's a novelist at heart. Her work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Livestrong, Global Post, Hidden Remote and Modern Mom. She’s a past contributor to Hagerstown Magazine and Frank.

“Ashkettle Crazy,” the first installment of her Ashkettle Boys Book Series, debuted on Kindle in August of 2017 and tells the story of three mountain boys: Sonny, Bo and Dack -- the Ashkettle brothers -- and their struggle to free the youngest from his memories of a horrific crime and from the insanity of the man who wants him dead.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania’s Appalachian Mountains, A.M. Goetz resides south of the Mason-Dixon Line today, with her husband, their two children, and a healthy congregation of pets.


Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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Ashkettle Crazy

Bo knew one thing for sure; he would die to protect his kid brother.

And with someone like their crazy Uncle Merle living in the house, the threat of dying was always only one unintentional slip-up away.

Especially for Dack.

So when Bo shows up home early from work one November night and finds the kid beaten nearly beyond recognition, consequences aren't the first things on his mind.

Keeping his brother alive becomes the instant priority.

That's why he takes the boy and runs.

The clothes on their backs, one unforgiving wilderness, and a car that's just one transmission away from the salvage yard are all that's standing between the boys and a joyful reunion with their big brother.

Well, that and the crazed killer who wants Dack dead.


Ashkettle Haunted

It's been almost a year since the Ashkettle brothers made their desperate escape from evil, but 16-year-old Dack still struggles with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Confused, angry and reckless, he wonders if his family might be better off without him.

Come along with the Ashkettle Boys in Book 2, as they take on Dack’s mental illness, their own feelings of helplessness and an ugly terror from the past.

Fans of Stranger Things and Stephen King's, The Body, will enjoy this inspirational saga of three brothers dedicated to forging a better life from the shards and shrapnel of the past.