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A solar powered android takes to worshipping the sun. Is it because of some error in its code, or is it learning something like a soul? Father Carroll assumes the latter, and with religion out of style and his congregation dwindling, becomes obsessed with converting the machine to Christianity.


Upriver, Downriver

People in the Sarpsis Valley don't want anything to do with cars, planes, leaf-blowers or anything else that can't be grown from the ground or caught in the river. All those things come from where they call The Fuss, the place that long ago ruined and drove them away. But when a drought endangers the livelihood of their small reclusive community, they're driven to accepting The Fuss' help–––sending a rift through the valley that threatens to tear the place apart. And while the outsiders seem to have the valley's best interests at heart, they're bound to want something in return for all their good deeds. Though the Sarpsians may not have much, what they do have are some unusual children.