Abena Sankofa was born into a family with a love of books.

Growing up, most Saturday afternoons she, along with her mother, father and elder sister could often be found exiting the local library with a crate-full of books so heavy her father had to carry it.

Since then, her passions have moved on to vintage black-and-white detective shows, and British costume dramas – and dreams of writing some herself one day!

As a dedicated Retro Fashionista, she is currently plotting how to fill her closet with 1930s-era hats and dresses.
She lives in North Carolina with her parents, older sister, and a large, handed-down compendium of Jamaican recipes.


Historical Fiction
Historical Romance
Teen & Young Adult

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Up North

The word stirs a feeling of freedom, hope, and excitement in Phyllis Joiner. Everywhere she turns in Lowcountry Louisiana, her family is being hemmed in by ruthless landowner Smith Owens, and his infamous, gun-toting posse of extortionists.

But once her family gets to Illinois, they learn the hard way that the past is never left behind—Owens and his posse have trailed them. Caught in their tightening net, Phyllis sets out to beat them to the discovery of a treasure her family is rumored to possess—a long-lost family inheritance worth millions. And the pressure is on—for, the most notorious crime syndicate in Chicago is onto it too—and her family is in their sights.