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Adrian lives in the Cotswolds, England with his wife and four children.

Born in Yorkshire, he's spent time living in Essex, Oxford, Leicestershire and York. At 18 he joined the British army and spent 6 years as a soldier in the infantry. His service included several tours of Northern Ireland, Kenya, Belgium, Norway and an operation with the special forces in Sierra Lione.

When he's not reading or writing he likes to spend time with his wife and family, which include a grumble of 3 pugs.

To date his books include Eversong, Shadojak and Ethea


Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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Darkest Wish

Ignor has a head full of bliss, so his Master, Dr Finklesteam, tells him. But during the latest experiment under a particularly oppressing storm, Ignor will learn that not all of his Master's inventions go to plan - especially since he has begun to experiment with the occult.

Fiend fingers, fairy wings, god-cycles and bog-sprouts - the only thing missing is the genie trapped in a crystal. Some of the more darker wishes should never come true...