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Tiny Trophies

My sister is beautiful, but she doesn't like it when I play with her dolls. I can't help myself, though, and she's really angry this time. I think I may be in real trouble.


Spring Beans

Denny loved odd years on the farm, when corn fields swallowed his house and made him feel like he was alone on an island. Well, almost alone, as Marge was always there to tell him how wrong he was, about everything. After nearly 60 years of wedded bliss, though, Denny finally figured out how to solve his marital problems. That beautiful corn would be his salvation.


The Birthday Wand

Gabbie wanted nothing more than to see her Grandpa on her fourth birthday, but Mommy said he wasn't feeling well and couldn't make the trip. He did send Gabbie a shiny wand, though, and she was just SURE that it had magical powers. As it turns out, Gabbie was right.


It's In the Cards

Mark was giddy: not only was tomorrow his wedding day, but it was also Opening Day of the baseball season. To celebrate, he hunkered down with a box of forgotten baseball cards and was taken on a quick journey back to his childhood. He never expected that cardboard gold to afford him a lesson in fate, but that's exactly what he got.


Alive on Opening Day

Dan Hodges was on the verge of the life he'd always wanted: a beautiful girlfriend, high school graduation just ahead, and a promising baseball career.

Then, in one ill-fated moment, it all vanished.

Dan clawed his way back over the course of a grueling year but, just when he was ready to reclaim his world, darkness descended again.

Can he emerge one more time ... Alive on Opening Day?


Vengeance on Gold Mountain

Huang was the father of Deadwood's growing Chinatown district, but he also harbored a secret that everyone wanted to know. Stanley was determined to pry the truth from the old man at all costs.


High Heat

Chandler Rossi once was a hotshot baseball prospect who had the world in front of him ... until the world found out he couldn't hit the curveball. Miserable and desperate, Rossi made a deal that would take him to unbelievable heights and sentence his only son to eternal damnation. Now, with Rossi circling the drain, his boy has a Hell of a story to tell.


Widow's Walk

Millie was not too thrilled about moving to Indiana when her husband took his new job, at least not until she came across the online listing for the old house. She was drawn in by the haunting image of the stately home, and she knew that the place would change their lives forever. Guided by a young woman who lived more than a century before, Millie and her house did, indeed, become inseparable.


The Touch Comes Second

A genetic mutation imparts ever-lasting life to James, but also leaves him thousands of years removed from his family in a world where humans have evolved past emotions and touch.

Desperate to regain what he lost, James travels back in time to reunite with his dead wife and to sire the son they never had. Will he find what he's looking for?


In His Own Bed

Walter and Ora had lived a good life together on their farm, but now she was gone. It was time for him to take care of his affairs and reunite with his one true love.


Get Your Butt in the Chair -- 33 Quick Tips You Can Use RIGHT NOW for More Productive Writing

Are you "stuck" in your writing and never seem to get enough words on the page? Or maybe you have writer's block and WASTE your precious writing time?

Maybe you just need a push.

Planning is essential for making the most of your writing career, but eventually, you have stop planning and start writing.

"Butt in the Chair" gives you 33 practical tips you can use right now to start upping your word count and finally start moving toward your writing goals.



Carrie had never babysat Tommy Hobson before, but she needed gas money and was glad to have the gig. She had hoped for a quiet evening to finish her homework, but little Tommy let her know right off the bat that he was not like other children.


Grandpa's Slippers

When Jack was alive, he drove Janie crazy with his puttering around the house, and most of all with his baseball cards and the way he roughed up her carpet with his slippers. Since Jack died, though, Janie has been riddled with grief and guilt. Now, with a little help from his lost Grandpa, Janie's four-year old grandson Charlie is ready to help her move on.